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People Counting
People counting technology forms the basis for a range of high-tech solutions, including retail analytics, queue management, building management and security applications. Ganz is a world leading authority on this technology, and over 350,000 of our units are installed worldwide.

How does People Counting work?
Our sensors fit discreetly into the ceiling of your building, or can be fitted outside in weather-resistant housings, facing downwards and counting the people that pass underneath using thermal technology. Our high-performance algorithms allow you to count people accurately even in high-volume areas. Count data is stored on the device and it can be accessed remotely over an internet connection, either by using our Estate management and data collection tool or by your own application. You can also network multiple sensors, dividing up areas however you choose to evaluate their use in whatever level of detail you need. Our customers audit our systems at more than 98% accuracy.
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The technology
how does people counting technology work Our sensors are designed to detect the heat emitted by people passing underneath it as infrared radiation. The units contain imaging optics, sensors, signal processing and interfacing electronics all within a discretely designed moulded housing. Up to eight virtual counting lines are defined by an operator using a portable PC setup tool, and people are counted as they pass each line in a defined direction. Mounting heights of between 2.2m and 4.8m can be accommodated with our standard lens, with other lens options available to cover higher mounting heights. With no calibration or scene-specific setup requirements, units function as soon as they are mounted, making for very rapid and low cost installations. Units can be used as single counters in doorways with either relay or intelligent IP outputs, or be linked to a span of up to 8 units for wide openings or corridors. Here, counters are intelligently linked to prevent cross-counting